Three months after the successful launch of South Asian Satellite, India now has got a request to launch a satellite for a foreign country. As per the reports, the Afghanistan government has asked Indian officials to launch a special satellite for their specific use only. The Government official said in a letter that the request is made by the Afghan Ministry of Telecommunications and Technology to the Indian officials.

The request was made during the meeting between Afghanistan minister Syed Ahmad Shah Sadat and Indian Ambassador Manpreet Vohra in Kabul. The motive behind the launch of a special satellite is yet nit clear, however, the speculations are that Kabul needs a satellite to find out the terrorist hideout. The two ministers also discussed India opening a terminal in the South Asia Satellite for Kabul only. The South Asia Satellite currently assists small Indian projects.


There will be soon a MoU signed by the Afghan government which would let them use the South Asia Satellite. There are total 12 transponders in the website out of which, 2 will be offered to Afghanistan. The country has its plan to employ these transponders in the field of telecommunications, television services, agriculture, mines and others. The construction work of a special satellite station in Kabul has already started.

In May earlier this year, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani joined the rest of the South Asian countries that supported the launch of South Asian Satellite. The satellite is aimed to benefit all the major South Asian countries and was thus welcomed by major South Asian nations warm heartedly. This was appreciated as a huge regional step by most of the Asian countries.

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