The latest national news is coming from the western state of Gujarat where the Indian naval authorities have seized heroine worth of Rs. 3500 crore ($550m). The coastguards said that the heroine drug was found in a naval vessel and is estimated to be worth Rs. 3500. In his interview with the press, D K Sharma, the spokesman of Navy described this as “the largest single haul of narcotics to date”.

To furnish the further investigation, the vessel is now been taken to the city of Porbandar.

“The NTRO shared the intelligence about the suspect vessel on July 27 and the Coast Guard was notified. Intelligence suggested the crew was negotiating the mode of payment for the contraband and its intended destination,” a navy official told on the condition of anonymity.


In past some time, India has been struggling to touch the transit state for drug trade and abuse. India faces a big threat for drug abuse because of its close proximity to Afghanistan which is in known to be the primary manufacturer of the drug. The primary produce here is heroin.

As per the report of the UN office on Drugs and Crime, large shipments of heroin from Afghanistan are smuggled from Afghanistan to many east & south African cities through the Indian Ocean.

The advent of drug abuse in India has already affected many young and adults. India has recently started to address the issue of drug abuse in India. It was earlier an issue spread in the male community, however, in recent times many cases of female drug addicts have come to light.

Also, there are many cases recorded in which the guilty was under the influence of drugs like cocaine and heroin while committing the grueling act. Also as per a study, 860000 men in India from the age group of 15 to 35 are addicted to drugs out of which 53% are addicted to heroin.

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